Top 20 Questions About Cabo Real Estate

Welcome, to the enchanting world of Cabo San Lucas, where sun-kissed beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes come together to create a paradise like no other. As your dedicated Cabo Real Estate Agent and Advisor, I take responsibility for guiding you through the journey of finding your dream home in this coastal haven. I get asked daily many questions regarding Los Cabos Real Estate, so let’s dive into the top 20 questions and concerns that new clients often have when embarking on this thrilling adventure!

1. What Makes Cabo San Lucas Such a Special Place?

Cabo’s Real Estate Market has experienced steady growth recently, becoming increasingly accessible to a broader range of investors. With each passing month, new developments and investment opportunities emerge, thanks to affordable pricing and the destination’s appeal. The combination of scenic beauty and a strong economy positions Los Cabos as an attractive investment location.

2. What are The Best Neighbourhoods

Depending on your choice, the selection of neighborhoods varies and there is something for everyone. Pedregal, known for its stunning ocean views and proximity to downtown Cabo San Lucas, provides residents with a serene and secure environment. This neighborhood boasts luxurious homes and access to exclusive beaches, making it a coveted location for those seeking privacy and tranquility. Quivira Los Cabos, on the other hand, is a master-planned community that offers an array of world-class amenities, including golf courses designed by golf legends, fine dining, and wellness centers. This private community is ideal for those looking to invest in a lifestyle that combines luxury with the natural beauty of Los Cabos. Cabo del Sol is another premier neighborhood, celebrated for its golf courses and resort-style living. Campestre provides a harmonious balance of recreational activities and relaxation opportunities, appealing to those who desire an active yet peaceful life. Additionally, there are private communities in El Tezal, which offer gated security while still providing a sense of living in town. These communities are perfect for those seeking an extra layer of privacy and exclusivity, with all the advantages of community living and easy access to the vibrant life and amenities of Los Cabos. Each of these neighborhoods embodies a unique aspect of Los Cabos living, from luxurious seclusion to community-oriented lifestyles, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

3. What Activities and Services are Available

From world-class golf courses to exquisite dining, fishing, hiking, and more we have it all in Los Cabos. I will help you discover the abundance of amenities that Cabo has to offer and connect you to the best hospitals, clinics, and other services you may need while living in our paradise.

4. What’s The State of Cabo’s Infrastructure and Utilities?

While some areas still suffer with the proper roads and parking areas, we see slow improvement in the infrastructure of the city, as well we hear of many new improvement plans. Our Pay Toll Highway allows for fast transfer between the airport and Los Cabos and other Baja destinations which helps with traffic and car saturation. Many developers offer desalination plants to provide water, however, some areas of town may suffer at times, a shortage of this precious commodity, therefore, there has been a talk about opening a new desalination plant in the Los Cabos area for more communities to enjoy the ease of receiving water. 

5. How Do I Navigate the Legalities of Purchasing Property in Mexico?

6. How Can I Be Sure of the Property’s Construction Quality?

It’s very crucial to partner with the right realtor who has your best interest in mind who is the Expert in the area and who knows the developer’s back story to ensure your home will be delivered on time and in the best state and quality.

7. Are There Financing Options Available For International Buyers?

Absolutely! Nowadays you can enjoy the opportunity to finance your property. Depending on the property status, whether it’s pre-sale or move-in ready, you can choose local bank loans available for US and Canadian home Buyers or select options of Financing directly with the developers. Developers such as Quivira Los Cabos or Tramonti Paradiso offer direct pre-approved financing options.

8. What’s The Scoop on Property Taxes in Cabo?

Property taxes in Mexico are very low compared to US or Canada Real Estate Taxes which is why it’s so appealing to purchase in Mexico for so many Expats.  Say for a $2 million home you will only pay around $1,700.00 US per year.

9. What is Fideicomiso and Why Do I Need it in Cabo

Indeed the one way to own a property to your name in Los Cabos or within the Ocean Coast is through Fideicomiso, I will explain more details on this subject in my free guide – be sure to download it here. 

10. Can I Offer My Property as a Vacation Rental?

Definitely! However, it is important to know which community allows for rental, and if so, are there any restrictions. Many properties do not allow it or in some cases, developers offer their rental program which prevents buyers from customizing their interiors and using developer design. Properties that allow rentals with no restrictions are Quvira Los Cabos Luxury Community which is very appealing for investors. 

Timing is everything! It’s always a good time to invest your money in Los Cabos, certainly the sooner you do so the better as the destination is growing and attracting more and more large investments which bring values up, waiting will mean being prepared to pay more. Also, if you are considering owning, a pre-sale or ‘pre-construction’ is the best way to go, you will enjoy not only the best price but also the best location for your home or condo as you will be the first one to buy.

12. How Do I Navigate the Mexican Residency Process?

I have partnered with immigration experts to simplify the residency process for you, making your transition to life in Cabo seamless. Ask me for more details

13. How Do I Ensure the Property is Safe and Secure?

Your safety is my priority! We’ll explore gated communities and security measures to find a home that provides peace of mind.

14. What’s The Current Trend in Property Appreciation in Cabo?

I’ve got the latest data on property appreciation rates, allowing us to make informed decisions about your investment so to learn more, we will need to discuss it in person.

15. Are There Any Hidden Costs Associated With Owning Property in Cabo?

Transparency is key! We’ll go over all potential costs, including maintenance fees, property management, and other hidden expenses.

16. Can I Customize or Renovate the Property?

Absolutely! If it’s a move-in ready property and a free-standing one making it look like your own is not a challenge. I’ll connect you with skilled architects and contractors to turn your vision into reality

17. Tell Me More About The Local Schools and Education Options.

We’ll explore the best educational institutions in the area to ensure your children receive top-notch schooling. There are several good schools and English schools which provide a great education for your children like Collegio el Camino, Delmar International School.  

18. What’s The Hurricane Preparedness Like in Cabo?

Safety first! Los Cabos, located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, experiences its hurricane season from June to November, aligning with the broader Pacific hurricane season. However, within this range, certain months are particularly important to consider due to a higher likelihood of hurricane activity. The peak months for hurricanes in Los Cabos are typically August, September, and October. During these months, the ocean temperatures reach their warmest levels, creating ideal conditions for hurricanes to develop and gain strength. We provide full service for assistance with home protection.

19. Tell Me About The Local Culture and Community Events.

Los Cabos is not only renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and luxurious resorts but also for its vibrant cultural events that draw visitors from around the globe. Throughout the year, a variety of cultural festivities take place. The Los Cabos International Film Festival. The traditional Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is another significant event. Art is celebrated through the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk, inviting art lovers to explore galleries and meet artists in a festive atmosphere every Thursday night. The GastroVino Festival in Todos Santos, a short drive from Los Cabos, tantalizes the taste buds of food and wine enthusiasts, celebrating Baja California Sur’s emerging wine and culinary scene. The Sabor a Cabo, a culinary festival, brings together international chefs to showcase the exquisite flavors of local cuisine, while the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament combines the thrill of sport fishing with charitable initiatives, reflecting the community spirit of Los Cabos.

20. Can You Help Me Find The Right Property in Cabo?

My expertise and knowledge of Los Cabos allow me to navigate the market with ease. I put my client’s needs first ensuring that every interaction and transaction is conducted with the utmost integrity and openness. It’s through this commitment that I’ve built lasting relationships with my clients, who appreciate the clear communication and genuine care I bring to every engagement. Trust in my service is reinforced by the positive feedback from those I’ve had the pleasure of working with, highlighting the high standard of excellence I adhere to.

For more details on luxury properties in Los Cabos, investment options, or private consultation please contact me Victoria Dorota Antoszkewicz at +1 305 454 5898 or +52 3221823558 


By : Victoria Dorota Antoszkiewicz / Los Cabos Luxury Real Estate Agent

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