Victoria Antoszkiewicz: Key Reasons to Relocate to Cabo

By: Joshua Finley

Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life? While New York has its appeal, sometimes you need to retreat to a relaxing, beautiful, and luxurious place. According to luxury realtor Victoria Antoszkiewicz, Cabo is that place. Victoria Antoszkiewicz is more than just a real estate expert; she’s a connoisseur of luxury living. With a career rooted in hospitality and hotel management, she brings a wealth of experience to the table, having managed properties in diverse locales like the British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and now, Cabo, Mexico. Her love for Cabo began in 2014 when she was instantly drawn to its opulent lifestyle and unique charm. “Cabo’s luxurious feel and lifestyle are unparalleled,” she says. “It’s like Southern California blended with Arizona—a destination that attracts people from around the world.”

After a decade of living there, Victoria is confident that Cabo is the premier luxury location. So whether you’re looking for a holiday getaway from the city or a luxury investment, here are her reasons why you should consider moving to Cabo: 


Culinary Delights

One of Cabo’s key draws is its culinary scene. With Michelin-star chefs gracing its kitchens and events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week showcasing international flavors, Cabo has become a favorite spot for food enthusiasts. “More and more events are happening, from dining with Michelin-star chefs to fashion weeks,” Victoria notes. The fusion of global influences makes dining in Cabo an experience to savor.


Affordable Luxury

Contrary to popular belief, luxury living in Cabo doesn’t have to break the bank. With direct flights from New York to Mexico and various investment opportunities, Cabo offers a taste of the high life without the exorbitant price tag. “Some developers offer starting investments as low as $320,000,” Victoria explains. “And with financing options available, the dream of owning a piece of paradise becomes attainable for many.”


Safety and Security


Many individuals and families consider safety a top concern when contemplating a relocation to a foreign country. Fortunately, Cabo is one of the safest destinations in Mexico. “Cabo ranks as the second safest city in Mexico,” Victoria points out. Its low congestion and well-managed tourism ensure a peaceful and secure environment for residents and visitors alike.” Whether strolling along pristine beaches or exploring the city’s vibrant cultural scene, residents and visitors alike can rest assured knowing Cabo prioritizes their safety.


Lucrative Investment Opportunities


For savvy investors, Cabo is an attractive option. With over 200 projects available and favorable tax laws, there is considerable potential for expansion. “Mexican taxes are significantly lower compared to the US and Canada,” Victoria says. “And with exemptions on capital gains for primary residences, investing in Cabo is lucrative.” This combination of ample investment options and advantageous tax regulations positions Cabo as a prime destination for those seeking to capitalize on the growing real estate market.


Plan Your Visit to Cabo

As Victoria Antoszkiewicz highlights, Cabo is not just a destination; it’s a lifestyle. From its culinary delights to its affordable luxury, safety, and investment potential, Cabo offers diverse experiences for those seeking ultimate relaxation and indulgence. So why wait? Discover the allure of Cabo today and embark on a journey of luxury living like no other. Plan your visit to Cabo today, and get ready to fall in love. 

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